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Sullivans Island Real Estate

Retirement and Sullivans
Island Real Estate
go hand in hand. To
retire to a place like Sullivans Island means living the quiet lifestyle that
only a small non-commercial beach town in the South Carolina Lowcountry can
offer. Sullivans Island real
estate represents some of the best that the Charleston area has to offer.
All year round, the island, is quiet, peaceful and serene.

what makes living on a place like Sullivans Island so appealing to retirees,
is the quiet and peaceful pace of life that is evident to all who are blessed to
live and visit the island. With the
bustling town of Mount Pleasant
just over the Ben Sawyer bridge, all your needs
and wants are only minutes from the island.
The beautiful scenery on Sullivans Island can be found at any location
and the real estate there is so eclectic that anyones tastes can be
satisfied. Sullivans Island is truly a retirement paradise.

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