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Another great feature of the Charleston area is its many institutes of higher education. The tri-county area is home to the College of Charleston, the Citadel Military College, the Charleston School of Law, Charleston Southern University, the Art Institute of Charleston, Trident Technical College and the Medical University of South Carolina. Having the Medical University and Trident Tech here means that the area produces many fine nurses, doctors and other health care professionals who often stay in the Charleston area, providing you with access to some of the best and most cutting-edge health care in the state.

The benefits don’t end there. With all the colleges and universities around, there is always a theater production, symphony, art show or cultural event on the horizon. Charleston is home to the Spoleto Festival USA, which fills May and June with hundreds of opera, theater, dance, roots, chamber, jazz and visual arts performances each year.

The area schools are also excellent places for retirees to volunteer and share life experiences. Other volunteer opportunities include numerous area sea turtle organizations, beautification clubs, Habitat for Humanity and many, many other nonprofit organizations around the area. Or you could even continue your own education by taking a class or two or ten! Not only do the area colleges and universities offer continuing education classes to non-degree-seeking students, but local government organizations also offer enrichment programs on just about anything that interests you.